About Brick Kiln Group

The group consists of 3 divisions; Racing, Graphics and Composites. Originally formed to serve the high demands of Formula 1 and the motorsports industries, each division has built up a reputation of high quality products and services, timely deliveries, and excellent customer service.

Brick Kiln group was founded in 1987 by owners Hamish Wood and James Matthews. The business started out as a car body repair facility, but soon developed into a paint work specialist with an eye for detail producing work of the highest quality. Small projects from the Formula 1 world turned the company from a two-man outfit to a team of 25, working on F1, touring, Le Mans and collectors’ cars.

In 2005 Brick Kiln (UK) Ltd started up a new venture, Brick Kiln Composites to supply parts for F1 cars and in 2007 the company added yet another string to its bow by adding Brick Kiln Graphics, specialising in car livery.

The Brick Kiln Group has facilities in Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire and continue to serve the F1 industry as well as continuously identifying new market opportunities for high quality paintwork, composites and car livery business.

The group is owned and managed by James Matthews and Hamish Wood.

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